Journey of Hope Day 3 – Hope Restored

Journey of Hope Day 3 –

Hope Restored!

I love giving gifts! Christmas is my favorite time of the year, gifts given, parties down and now it’s OVER. The twinkling of Lights are being turned off, consequently darkness creeps in during long days of winter. With all the heartache and loss many experienced this year, joys of Christmas is melting away into brokenness, the pain is real! However, there is an answer!

How can we face the New Year? We long for loved ones no longer with us. Our hearts are in agony over the lost relationships. In this time of desperation we ask now what? Darkness closes in around us.

This morning I realized as I drew close to God HE will DREW close to me! My realization enlighten my heart!

I know Jesus died to heal ALL our wounds! Jesus sent left to prepare a place for me in Heaven but, sent forth the Holy Spirit the comforter to console my aching heart.

What I realize TODAY God Longs for me, for us, to come with a contrite and broken heart. A contrite heart! A Broken Heart! Thusly when I give my Brokenness, My BROKEN heart to God the Father, He cradles my heart in his loving hands soothing my Heart, Mind, and Soul replacing my sorrows with HIS joy, and HIS peace.

Therefore there is Always Hope! I will Never Give Up!

David was at that very same place …. He CRIED OUT to GOD with his Contrite Heart and his BROKEN SPIRIT !!!!

David offers the gift of himself and all of his brokenness to God! “My sacrifice, O God, is a broken spirit; a broken and contrite heart you, God, will not despise.” Psalms 51:17 NIV

Have you ever thought about what gift you could give Jesus? I have! As I was reading Psalm 51 today David cried out to God to Create in him a clean heart, Renew his Spirit, Restore His Joy!

Today Lord Jesus I give you My heart – in all my brokenness, all my failures, with all that you have created me to be, I AM YOURS. Let my life be a pleasing sacrifice to you MY GOD!

There is #AlwaysHope I will #NeverGiveUp #RestoringMyHope #RenewingMyMind #ReEnergizingMyBody #RestoringMyJoy #RenewMySpirit #RenewMyBodyMindAndSoul

Are you encouraged by Journey of Hope? Hope and Healthy Living Coach Laurel will continue to share daily!

Embark on your Journey of Hope in 2023 with Me!

JOIN me as we Begin a Journey of HOPE!

There is #AlwaysHope #NeverGiveUp #SharingHopeAndHealthBodyMindAndSoul

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