Journey of Hope Through Lent Day 10 What is Love?

Journey of Hope Through. Lent – Lent Day 10 What is Love? ❤️

In the 70s there was a famous saying which said, “Love ❤️ is never having to say you’re sorry.”

What? That is very idealistic. As love ❤️ is so much more than that! First of all the fallacy of that is true love ❤️ must forgive. As I look back as a teenager that quote meant Love ❤️ is being accepted. Love ❤️ is trusting. I had such a small vision of what love ❤️ was, and is. Today, I realize love ❤️ is beyond the words I express.

As I ponder how much God loves ❤️ us, and I am overwhelmed, by his forgiveness, by his grace, his mercy! His mercies ❤️ are new every morning! God loved ❤️ us so much that he gave his Only Begotten Son Jesus to this wicked world of sin, to free us from sin and death!

Jesus ❤️ loved us so much that he died on the cross for our sins, that we might live eternally in heaven with our Father God!

Love ❤️ is God sending His Only Begotten Son Jesus to this wicked world of sin, to free us from sin and death.

Love ❤️ Love is Jesus dying for our sins that we may live forever in Heaven. Love ❤️ is forgiveness! Love ❤️ is Jesus knows us personally living in our hearts.

Love ❤️ is God’s patience with us. Love ❤️ is God’s kindness allowing us a free will know we may choose to sin.

Love ❤️ is God not easily angered at our sin. Love ❤️ is God keeping no records of our sins. Love ❤️ is God rejoicing over our lives. Love ❤️ is God protecting us.

Love ❤️ is God never failing to be there when we cry out to Him!

Love ❤️ is here for you! Just ask Jesus to forgive your sins He is faithful and just to forgive us when we confess our sins he will make us whole, giving us a brand new life!

Jesus loves ❤️ you even when you don’t feel His love ❤️ Listen to “You Say” Lauren Daigle

Join me as I take this Journey of Hope through Lent for the next 40 days! Also watch Bible Study With Me every Sunday Facebook Live at 9:30 am

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