We Wrestle Not with Flesh and Blood – Lent Day 14

Journey of Hope Through Lent – Lent Day 14 Wrestle Not with Flesh and Blood

We Wrestle Not with Flesh and Blood

We have to remember we are in a battle! We fight not against flesh and blood but against powers and principalities of the air darkness sin and evil.

However the battle Has been won Jesus death on the cross won our victor. All we need to do is stand against satan and stand in that victory. Thank you Jesus!

As we prepare for Jesus coming this Lenten season we must ourselves repent to prepare our hearts to remember His resurrection! And pray those who are lost will be found.

II Chronicles 7:14 says “If my people who are called by my name do humble themselves to pray and seek God to turn from their wicked ways then, God will hear from heaven forgive their sin and heal their land! “

Today is the day of salvation repent and ask Jesus to come into your heart to forgive your sins. For He is Faithful and just to forgive us from our sin. When you do that you have chosen a new life in Jesus Christ. Let me know I would love to talk to you about a relationship with Jesus! He loves us so very much!

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Join me as I take this Journey of Hope for the next 40 days!

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