Journey of Hope Through Lent – Lent Day 29

Journey Of Hope Through Lent – Lent Day 29 – Feeling Alone

God, where are You? Do you feel alone? Do you feel isolated? Jesus felt alone in the garden.

Today, many people are isolated choosing the comforts of home over interactions. Share hope today! Reach out write a letter make a phone call!

It seems we have two choices number one to live in depression plop down from the TV, computer browse Facebook and sink away the hours or we can choose to share hope, to complete the task that God is given to us. To follow the path God has in store for us. What is the path God is directing you today? Use your time wisely!

What’s on your bucket list? Projects that you would like to begin if only you had the time!

Now’s the time to embark on completing your to-do list or the “when I have time!” Remember, when it was normal to stay at home all the time? Let’s get back to the basics.

Lent is a perfect time to ponder the presence of God in your life. Now’s the time, to read your Bible more every day, to pray for our families our friends and our nation. Enjoy time interacting with your family. Now is a perfect time to reach out encourage a friend via a LIVE call instead of texting.

Lord, our world is going through trying and difficult days. We are isolated from one another, quarantined from life, confined to our homes, stranded from those we love. Yet, we are never alone!

Pray With Me!

Thank You Lord, you are always there with us. Lord, you have a plan for each of our lives a specific path that we are to take, we may be uncertain where that path is going to turn however, you know what is around every corner!

Thank you Lord, that we can trust You. Even though we are living in uncertain times you have our world in the palm of your hands.

Lord, I pray you feel hearts and minds with your peace, a peace that passes all understanding!

Join me as I take this Journey of Hope for the next 12 days!

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