Journey of Hope Through Lent Day 31 SUFFERING A Hope of Promise!

Lent Day 31

Suffering A hope of Promise!

Why must we suffer if God is a loving God? Jesus suffered, are we better than He? Is God testing us?

Our suffering, our trials, our difficulties, and our tribulations will grow us to become more of what God wants us to be. As we persevere our faith increases, as our faith increases we fall more and more in love with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

“My comfort in my suffering is this: Your promises preserve my life.” Psalms 119:50 NIV

Jesus suffered and died on the cross to free us from sin and death! He gave us the promise of Salvation!

The promise of growth, maturity and contentment of whatever situation you are in.

The promise we will lack nothing!

The promise that through our suffering and perseverance we are perfecting our Faith!

The promise of Jesus continuing to be with me. Jesus said “ I will not leave you or forsake you!”

The promise of hope

The promise of peace.

Join me on the Journey of Hope Through Lent for the next 9 days! and as we approach Holy Week

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