Journey of Hope through the Storms of Life!

Journey of Hope Through Passion Week

Today is Passover! Jesus knew his death was about to come. Jesus, longed to be with those He Loved! To prepare apostles, speaking words of comfort for what was to come.

Are you spending time with Family and Friends to celebrate Easter, Resurrection Sunday?

Jesus was desperate to share his Last Supper with his closest loved ones, the Jewish Holiday Passover. Today we will do the same. Jesus Asked, Do this in Remembrance of Me?

We stood in faith for our granddaughter Victoria Bell who went through leukemia. April 2, 2010 she received bone marrow transplant from Isaiah, That year, that day was Passover.

Passover celebrated the blood over the doorpost causing the death Angel to passover the Israelites homes to save them from death! Passover with Amir Tsarfati

I will always hold Passover as a most honored time. Not only do we celebrate the death angel passing over God’s chosen people who were covered by the blood, they received life.

So it is in our family! God transferred Isaiah’s bone marrow (blood) to give to his sister Victoria who had leukemia! It was the blood that was shared that saved Victoria’s LIFE!

Consequently, for all of us, it is the blood of Jesus Christ who has given us new life!

Jesus did the same for Victoria! Isaiah gave his Blood to Victoria! We will never forget God’s victory over leukemia and death.

Passover with Amir Tsarfati – What is Passover?

Today the same words ring true! Jesus, wants you to know that he died for you! Jesus died for your sins that you could go to Heaven with Him.

He died to set the captives free, to release the brokenhearted, to heal you of all your diseases. Even during the storms of life Jesus sends you His peace!

We are never ALONE! God IS With Us! Ask Jesus to come in and live in your heart forever! Jesus said when He left He would send the Holy Spirit as our comfort!

Lord Jesus I pray from my friends and family, I pray that you would wrap your arms of love around them fill their hearts with your peace, for your perfect love cast out all fear! I pray repentance for this land, I pray forgiveness of sin, I pray salvation to those who do not know Jesus, I pray for Restoration in families, And I pray healing of our Nation to restore this land to the biblical values America was once was based upon! In Jesus Name. Amen

There is #AlwaysHope #HopeForTheHurting #Passover


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1 thought on “Journey of Hope through the Storms of Life!

  1. Many people shy away from the Holy Scriptures, not realizing they are Life!


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