Lent Day 25 – To Know Christ – Repent and Truly Know the Power of His Resurrection!


Lent Day 25 – To Know Christ – Repent and Truly Know the Power of His Resurrection!

What does it mean to repent?

To repent means to turn from all wickedness and evil things we do.

But really I’m kind of a good person. Me too!

What do the 10 commandments say in the Bible? Do I worship other gods? Do I have idols in my life? Do I swear? Do I understand they going to church? Do I honor my parents and those in authority or speak badly about them?

Do I kill by hating? Do I commit adultery or have thoughts of lust?

Do I steal or am dishonest with my time, or at work, borrowing things that are not mine, squandering my time or talents?

Do I speak the truth, or share littles white lies, believing false truths (Media)? Am I coveting, wanting what others have?

Pondering the 10 commandments I realize I am definitely not without sin! That’s why I needed Jesus as my Savior! He forgave me of my sins, past, present and future! Now I am redeemed with the promise of Heaven to come!

Just ask Jesus to forgive your sins and He is Faithful to forgive your sins!

Join me as I take this Journey of Hope for the next 15 days!

Join us tomorrow for our LIVE Worship or on Facebook BibleStudy at 10:00 and Worship Service Sunday at 11:00 Chestnut Ridge Baptist Church

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