Lent Day 27 Why So Downcast Oh My Soul?

Lent Day 27 – Why So Downcast oh my SOUL?

I love that David spoke to himself, asking his soul questions. “Why am I so downcast”? Have you ever asked yourself the same thing? Especially today the anxiety of circumstances in our nation and the world it’s hard not to be downcast listening to all the reports on the news. 

I think if we’re honest we all have dealt with being down or depressed. I know I have! 

Depression is a very real issue! It happens to all of us at one point in our life or another. 

Isolation brings depression. Today as we are going through this distancing and coronavirus many are being isolated away from loved ones in nursing homes, physical touch is no longer acceptable. If you are filled with anxiety and depressed YOU are not alone! The affects of this last year are devastating our children, teens, young adults as well as mature Adults. BUT God hears the cries of your heart just like He heard David!

Depression has so many causes. Many times depression is a result of emotional trauma or anger turned in. Depression can be the result of unhealthy diet, or even unhealthy relationships. David knew depression, he was very aware of the impact and hold it had on his life, however, he also knew the way to overcome it!

If our SOUL is downcast our whole being is not in alignment! We must be whole and healthy Body Mind And Soul! David turned to God to get His Soul Right. Have you?

David repented asked forgiveness and yet he dealt with emotional regrets of choices he made. Amazing that God calls David was a man after His own heart. God loved Him and forgave David just like you and me! Lent is a perfect time to ask Jesus to forgive your sins He DIED on the CROSS for you! That is why we commemorate Lent.

Join me as I take this Journey of Hope for the next 13 days!

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