2022, A New Year of Uncertainty or HOPE, PEACE and TRUST?



As we head into another year of uncertainty I am realizing I must TRUST in MY Lord ALONE! Leaning on Him removes my doubts and fears, ONLY JESUS Restores my HOPE.

I have discovered ONLY the WORD of God can Renew my Mind.

Last year God’s verses to me Focused on FAITH – to STAND, to BE STILL

Last Year God’s verses to me were all focused on faith. How I needed to learn to BE STILL and KNOW that I Am GOD! I am in control! By practicing HIS presence, I learned how to Quiet My Thoughts, My Worries, My Fears. To be quiet to hear the still small voice of GOD. I had to practice to learn how to BE STILL! My mind which races constantly, was quieted, which Restored my Hope. In God’s Stillness He anointed me with a healing balm to my Restore my Soul, which has ReEnergized my Body. What a lesson to walk in FAITH and #QuietMyMind all to HEAR God. He has given me Peace that surpasses ALL understanding. I am learning to STAND in FAITH more and more each day.

To STAND in FAITH and have HOPE.

“Faith is the evidence of things HOPED for the Assurance of things not SEEN. The NIV says “NOW FAITH is BEING SURE of what we HOPE for, and the certainty of what we do not see! FAITH is HOPE within our HEARTS

Last year, GOD taught many of us to BE STILL including ME. We were isolated, confined, quarantined, separated from our loved ones! We finally seemed to be returning to a new normal, and outbreaks of sickness and Covid have escalated. Once again separating us often forever. How do we approach another year of Uncertainty?

This year my goal is to Trust the Lord!

HOW? By fixing my eyes on Jesus!!! I HAVE no Answers. But I KNOW as I TRUST my GOD HE KNOWS the outcome of this new 2022, I CHOOSE to TRUST JESUS. I WILL fix my EYES on JESUS, for HE is the Author and finisher of my FAITH!

As I am Leaning on Jesus, all my doubts and fears are gone. I found PEACE in the Storms of Life

I will stand in FAITH!

I will BE STILL! I will Forget the PAST

I will TRUST!

I will not lean on my own UnderSTANDing

I will FIX my Eyes on JESUS!

I Will stand on His Promises!

He Restored my HOPE. Only the Word of God can Renewed my Mind. Resulting in a ReEnergizing of my BODY to walk the straight path of life God has in store for us!!! I am excited about the New 2022 no matter what comes our way! I will continue on my Journey of Hope. Are you ready to find Hope in a hopeless world? Join me as we walk together to restore your Hope, Renew Your Mind. And ReEnergize your Body!

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