You Are God’s Chosen People. Has your Heart Grown Cold?

Heart of Stone

Today we will be discussing the book and prophecies of Ezekiel on my Facebook page.

Ezekiel was called as a WATCHMAN to blow the trumpet to WARN Israel of what was to come. At one point God tells him His Chosen People have a Heart of Stone but HE wants to soften it.

I had to ask myself, Do I have a heart of stone? The answer, sometimes, is yes! This saddens me!

Why is my heart cold sometimes? Hurts from the past and unforgiveness sets up unjust boundaries to hide behind.

In my walk with the Lord I admit, occasionally, on difficult days, the storms, and the hurts of life break my heart. Defenses go up. I HIDE, My heart becomes indifferent, cold. What is your defense?

Flee and Flight or Anger and Fight? To avoid pain, we become quiet we flee inwardly, I hide in my list of things to do. I know, occasionally, we shut down, we tune out those who truly love and care about us. We close ourselves into our homes to avoid others. Perhaps angers boils up, hurtful words are released in attack. Am I alone in this matter? What about you?

God has Chosen us! God loves us with an everlasting love. He longs to break down the walls of our hearts to forgive us for our anger or hiding. Walls erected for protection become a prison increasingly deeper hurt, isolation and loneliness.

However, if we allow God to break down the walls of unforgiveness love will once again flow through our hearts into others.

So, I had to ask myself, how do I get past hurt? I have learned the answer is forgiveness. Ephesians tells us to forgive as Christ forgives. That’s not in our own strength and the strength that God gives to us.

On our own it’s difficult to get through the presence of emotion, often additional help is needed. Dr. Gary Young developed Freedom Sleep and Freedom Release as a support for soldiers who returned with PTSD. Releasing emotion is one of the baths ways to recover to healthy living body mind and soul as the body is totally interconnected!

There is #AlwaysHope

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