Will Joy ever come back after the death of a loved one? There is #AlwaysHope

Lent Day 4

Thank God for your family, I praise God for my Family!

How are your relationships with your friends and Family?

All to soon we often have to say goodbye. For many this has been a year of loss and heartache as we have lost so may loved ones and friends. Grief leaves a terrible emptiness, even hopelessness but God’s Promise says Joy comes in the morning. Joy will come through the Mourning! That’s why I write #AlwaysHope My passion is to Share Hope for the hurting. For those whose heart is broken, anguish and depression has filled our nation with brokenness Remember there is #AlwaysHope #NeverGiveUp

As we go through Lent take this time to Love and Pray for those with us and those absence of our presence! Reach out to someone you know who is struggling remind them of your love and enjoy a cup of coffee with them. Cherish each moment!

Lord I pray The Word of God guards our hearts against corruption, our thoughts from confusion, and our feet from destruction.

Lord help us to have the same mindset of Jesus Christ!

Join me as I take this Journey of hope for the next 40 days!

There is #AlwaysHope #HopeForTheHurting #LentDay4 #BeStill #ThankGodForFamily

#JourneyOfHope #PowerOfTheResurrection #Lent #JesusDiedForYou #CatholicsFast #WhyDoCatholicsFast #DrawCloseDuringLent #WalkInHopeOfThingsToCome



Join me as I take this Journey of hope for the next 40 days!

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