What in your Garden?

What are you planting in your Garden of life?
We can sow seeds of discord and strife or seeds of peace and a lovely life. I love to plant seeds if Hope!
Did you know a seed must die before it can live? In the Christian life we must die to our self and live for Christ!
So I plant seeds of Hope. Words of encouragement placed in proper soil take root and sprout forth Restoring Hope.
What do we have to do to a garden? We must carefully plow the soil, prepare hearts, we water and fertilize just as we do with the Word of God bringing food into our souls. But sometimes the weeds of life suck out our energy just as weeds will steal the nutrients that the fresh new plant needs. So our gardens have to be staked up, tended, weeded, fertilized and the best kind of watering is a spring rain!
Today I want you to know there is always hope! Our Hope is in the Lord. Follow to find out how you can continue on your Journey of Hope.

#Hope #Miracle #StandingOnGodsWord, #Brokenhearted, #MyHopeIsInTheLord, #AlwaysHope #NeverGiveUp

#Hope #Miracle #StandingOnGodsWord, #Brokenhearted, #MyHopeIsInTheLord, #AlwaysHope

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