Is Justice Coming?

Isn’t it time to see Justice come? What happened to truth and Justice for all?

Today it seems if your hold firmly left thinking you can say anything! No matter what, it does not have to be even near the truth. However, if you speak of Godly values of TRUTH we are called bigots, homophobes and the like. Search for the Truth Begin in the Word of God the Bible!

Oh Lord, may those who seek to destroy TRUTH, your righteous be put to shame in there evil ways bring their minds confusion, separating and dividing hearts to turn from evil and turn hearts back to you. May all who desire ruin for the righteous be identified.

Lord, thwart the evil plans of the devil. Open their eyes to see the truth of the Word.

Lord, as we seek your face draw close to us for that is your promise. That as we draw nigh and you you will draw nigh unto us. Come quickly Lord Jesus walk with your righteous for YOU oh Lord are our Deliverer!

There is #AlwaysHope #NeverGiveUp #StandFastAndPrayForTheUSA #WhatIsTruth

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