Journey of Hope Through Lent – Lent Day 7

Journey of Hope Through Lent – Lent Day 7 Benefits

Have you thanked God for your blessings recently? Thank God for all of his benefits. What can you be thankful for today?

Family, grandchildren, friends, health, careers, insurance, Drs. hospitals, home, car, heat, and bountiful food are only a few! What about freedom to live in a democracy vs a socialistic society? Think of 10 benefits or blessings God has bestowed on your life!

God has certainly blessed us here in the United States, we are the richest country in all the world! We are a land of the free!

Lord keep my mind stayed on you! To meditate on all your benefits! Lord, help me to be at rest be free from anxiety or disturbances. Thank you for showing me to pray & then release it, trust & believe Hope & Stand in Faith! Lord help me not to question your plans for my life even through sickness and times if difficulties.

#LentDay7 #AlwaysHope #NeverGiveUp #SharingHopeAndHealthyLiving #JourneyOfHopeThroughLent. #LentDay7

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