Journey of Hope Lent Day 12 Stand Fast

Journey of Hope Lent Day 12 Stand Fast! We must always remember our fight, our spiritual warfare, is not against man but it’s against satan and all of his evil forces.

Each day we must prepare ourselves for spiritual warfare.How do we do that? First, when evil comes our way we must recognize it then, we must stand firm. Each morning of every day we must gird ourselves with the Word of God placing it in our hearts. Attack the enemy which is not flesh and blood!

Covering ourselves with the breast plate of righteousness, adding the shield of faith to fight off all the fiery darts that satan throws at us. Our shield of faith is wisdom!

Covering our minds with the helmet of salvation by placing the Word of God in our minds that we are able to think and be anxious for nothing. Not even of this coronavirus!

After we done everything, (pray, pray, pray) Stand! Stand in Faith believing God is on OUR side! We will be Victorious! We will win this war against #CoronaVirus

There is #AlwaysHope! #StandStrong #StandInFaith

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