Journey of Hope Through Lent 2023 – Lent Day 20 Thinking About Death

Journey Of Hope Through Lent – Lent Day 20

Lent A Sad Time! Jesus knows your pain!

Have you ever meditated on Jesus death on the cross? Did you know Jesus chose to die on the cross? Jesus know the agony of humiliation, separation and death.

Lent seems to be a sad time! As incredibly intense broken hearted grief, the pain and loss of a loved one is often overwhelming. Yet, Victory is comingHEAVEN is our reward! As I ponder on all Jesus has done for me I stand in awe at the wonder of his overwhelming love.

Today, let’s meditate on all that Jesus has done for you by dying on the cross for our sins. He died to set the captives free from sin and death! Jesus was brutally beaten for our healing!

Thank him for the humility & pain He endured for YOU! Jesus loves you so much He laid down His life that you may live with him and his Father in Heaven!

Thank you Jesus, You were sinless and yet You took my sin. Thank you for enduring pain and agony, and suffering death on the cross for me.

We are at the halfway point Day 20. What are you learning during Lent? How is God speaking to your heart?

Join me as I take this Journey of Hope for the next 40 days! If you have missed my blogs check out

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